The MQA module is available as an option and will be reckognized as soon the module is installed in its socket. The display on the front panel will tell you when MQA content is played like for instance  "MQA" or "MQA studio".  A standard MQA file is based on older enhanced recordings while the  "MQA Studio" sign will be used in case of modern recordings where MQA is used during the entire recording process.


The MQA module is soon available

The I2S module can be installed instead of the USB module. A new technology is used to make the I2S data format more reliable. Actually this format was made for internal use and not able to drive long data lines. Sonnet is using a kind of  data transport based on the typical impedance of a standard UTP cable. By using this technology it is important that both transmitter and receiver is made for this quite heavy load of 100 Ohms. As a result lengts of 30 meters between source and receiver can be used  without loss and jitter.


The I2S module is dedicated for Sonnet products like for instance our upcoming Hermes. However in some cases by removing four jumpers on top of the module it will act as a high impedance receiver and therefore more flexible to match with other products. Still Sonnet Digital Audio cannot guarantee the correct behaviour in conjunction with other systems. If you have any doubts about the correct match with our products don't hesitate to contact us.

Like  the standard USB option our dacs can be ordered including the I2S module .

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