Acelec Model One Passive Monitor

Model One is possibly the most transparent conventional loudspeaker available today. Over the last two years, intensive research has been dedicated to exploring new methodologies and materials. These are now incorporated in our latest product range. Model One is a premium loudspeaker, offering absolute performance from the clean lines of its compact cabinet. The shape has been designed to deliver detailed and powerful sound reproduction - usually only associated with much larger loudspeakers. The technical criteria were quite simple. Extreme stiffness using bituminized aluminium and internal damping of the cabinet to avoid any ringing effects.  As a result, this approach avoids any time smearing, particularly with regard to fast and powerful transients.

Placement within a normal living environment was also a design goal, so that performance would not be hampered, for example, by close proximity to room boundaries e.g. walls and corners. Furthermore, the design had to behave efficiently and at the same time act as a simple load for a wide range of Amplifiers - encompassing both delicate Tubes, as well as powerful Solid-State powerhouses.

The bottom line is simple. If your Stereo lives in a smallish to medium-sized room and you hanker for the best, most accurate, most lifelike, most enjoyable sound … then Acelec Model One should be top of your list. It combines openness, speed, resolution, transparency and seamlessness (as with the best Planars), together with the power plus dimensionality of more compact conventional systems.

Price per pair (Standard finish Silver or Black)

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